Blauer Hase


Interview: BH - Mircea Nicolae
October 2009
Blauer Hase and Mircea Nicolae by blauerhase

The home gallery project.

Romanian Kiosk Company

'With disarming, even deceptive simplicity Mircea Nicolae tells a complex multi-levelled tale of the coming together and coming apart of his family against the coming together and coming apart of socialism in Romania after the second world war.

Using documentary film footage, snapshots, architectural photos, his mother's shoes as well as pictures and models of professional and vernacular kiosks of modernist design, he gives us moving as well as critical images and symbols of the interweaving of private life and history, the personal and political.'

Future Generation Art Prize Jury / 2010

Greetings from Bucharest

I bought a few tourist postcards from a post-office in Bucharest, Romania. Using a box cutter, I removed the buildings in the image. Only the sky above the city remains intact.

Glass globes

Brick fragments from 25 demolished houses, shaped like small houses using an electric power tool, and then placed inside 25 glass globes found in a deserted glass factory.

Mircea Nicolae
born in 1980, lives and works in Bucharest, Romania.